Popular luxury: 1960 Lancia Appia Lusso by Vignale


50 years ago the luxury options for a car were way less than today, however there were a lot of coachbuilders who offered luxury and bespoke finishes without spending a fortune.


One of those coachbuilders, one of the most known, was Alfredo Vignale who learned the job at Stabilimenti Farina and thenbuilt his hown company which, in few years, became one of the biggest name in the business. He worked with a lot of cars manufacturers but he had a special relationship with Lancia: this car is a clear example.


Indeed Vignale made a lot of works for Lancia, including the Appia Convertibile: this is one of the rarest Lancia built by his factory also because was the less attractive of the bunch. But, just for this reason, this car is extremely rare and even more in these conditions. The seller says that the car has a new upholstery with the correct cloth, the engine has been rebuilt and new tires: we have been surprised to see the same front seats (along with other interior trims) of the Italia 2000: whoever is restoring one is now advised. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $27,000) here in Lucca, Italy.

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