Oddball racer: 1970 LMX Sirex


In the past we have already published a couple of ads about this rare car: they were about cars in original conditions (or slightly restored); we didn’t expect at all to see one of these converted in a race car.


Of course it doesn’t seem an extreme racecar: it had some modifications like the lexan windows, some metal sheet in place of the carpets, no bumpers, a roll cage and sport seats but basically the whole aspect hasn’t been twisted: we believe that is still a beautiful car, even if its body is made of plastic.

ScreenShot004The seller says that this is one of the first specimens built by the factory near Milano, Italy: It still has the original ford 2.3L V6 engine which is not much powerful; this one is equipped with a set of double throat Dell’Orto carburetors and, for sure, it should have an exhaust. As just wrote before, interiors are equipped with sport seats but the beautiful original dashboard is still there along with a beautiful Hellebore steering wheel. We believe that is you don’t have warmongering intentions, this car can be easily brought back to road specs. Find it for sale at €39,900 (today $43,500) here in Facca di Cittadella, Italy.

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