Early chassis: 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


Do you remember the time when, with the same amount of the starting bid for this car, you could buy a very nice and running Giulietta Spider 750? Well, times have definitely changed.

This Giulietta, on the other side, is a very early car as the chassis number, confirmed by the Alfa Romeo Registry, is 1495 00801. The gearbox number too is said matching with the car and every part of the engine, head included, is said to be correct for the model year 1956.

The good with this car is that it has very few rust, most work has been already done both for the metal work and for the chrome, along with many other ancillaries (check out the photo of the restored instruments: the seller says that the owner begun many years ago to collect every part required for the restoration job, and what has been already chromed and powder coated is properly wrapped in order to be protected until the job is done. Find it for sale here in Pleasanton, CA, with bidding at $20,000 and reserve not met.


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