Terrain camo: 1959 Moretti Tour De Monde Cabriolet


Sometimes on of these Moretti Tour De Monde pops up somewhere, in this case it’s a cabriolet which has the exact color of the underlying ground. 150 Coupè bodied cars were made but we don’t know the number of the cabriolets built by Moretti between the 1959 and the 1961. It has a 750 cc engine with a single over head cam which proved to be very solid: the name Tour De Monde (in french language it means World Tour) was given has the car made a 120,000 kms trip around the world without major issues. Unfortunately the seller has posted one only photo so it’s basically impossible to understand the real conditions of the car: for sure it needs a complete restoration but at least the seller ask for cash or a change with another car he likes. Neither the asking price has been disclosed. Find it for here in Lompoc, CA.

3 thoughts on “Terrain camo: 1959 Moretti Tour De Monde Cabriolet

  1. Anyone have a way to contact the owner about the Moretti Tour Du Monde, or have one for sale? Please let me know?


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