Bare minimum: 1957 Fiat Multipla Hearse by Allemano


The very first, and probably the only time we see a car like this one, of which we don’t even imagine about its existence.


And that’s because when you think at an hearse (of course it’s better don’t spend too much time thinking at it) you imagine a big car which have a lot of space in the back so the “operations” are easy but, as it usual happens, reality is so much richer of diversity than the imagination could ever be.


We also knew about some coachbuilder who were used to build this kind of body, but we didn’t know that Allemano too did this kind of job. The seller says that this is a survivor car based on the first series of Multipla: indeed it’s an early car. Unfortunately he didn’t add much more than that, but neither we need to know more as this a truly unique car. Find it for sale at €26,000 (today $29,000) here in Padova, Italy.


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