Clean history: 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale


The seller of this Giulietta SS says that this is a one family car and that it has a clean history but more details are available upon request.


Indeed this car makes us do a couple of quick considerations: first, it has a very rare body color (maybe the first owner wanted to affirm his patriotism buying this car painted with a french-ish blue instead of the typical italian red) mated with a grey interior so it’s quite an unusual combo, especially on the Giulietta SS (we’ve seen much more Giulias SS with these colors).


Then, it looks like a proper survivor: not a wreck but a 50 years old car well cared since when it was new: no signs of abuse are on this car even if the photos don’t allow us to do a deeper analysis: what we see is that even the fuel line onto the carburetors looks the original equipment so we expect this to be a proper survivor. The seller says that it drives and stops so what else are you looking for? Find it for sale at €90,000 (today $101,000) here in Nice, France. Thanks to reader Vlad for this suggestion!

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