Austrian sleeper: 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 Berlina


Of course this is a car which can be found in good numbers in its own native country, but this is one of the very few delivered new in Austria.


And we must say that, considering the typical weather of Austria, this car has been preserved really well: indeed it’s not only about the cold and the rain but mostly for the salt scattered on the road to prevent the development of an ice layer during the austrian cold winters.


The car looks very solid, original and complete: the two-tone interiors are for sure exactly how they came out of the factory; the seller says that the body was painted with a two-tone pattern: watching the inside of the boot lid we suspect that the car was painted in a pale shade but the only way to know it is to call the Alfa Romeo archive. The seller say also something else about the engine but we don’t know the german not the translator was able to translate it: ask the seller about it. Find it for sale at €11,900 (today $12,000) here in Persenbeug, Austria.

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