Leg power: 1952 Ferrari 212 Inter Cabriolet


What about a Ferrari powered by eight legs insted of twelve cylinders? Classic cars world is somehow strange, but this is one of the strangest things seen so far.


It’s actually a Ferrari 212 body (#13) coming from a car crashed in the early eighties; maybe back then a total restoration was unaffordable or, at least, it costed much more than the final value of the car, so all the mechanical parts were sold as spares and the body, born painted in blue, was recycled in this experiment.


This is a four seater car so there is a chassis which accomodates four people who, of course, must give their contribution to move the car through pedals. we wonder if somewhere there is still around the chassis and engine of this car so they can be married again, in the meantime this remains the greenest Ferrari ever. Find it for sale at €30,000 (today $32,500) here in Brindisi, Italy.

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