Tempting barchetta: 1952 Victress S1A Roadster


How about installing the V16 posted yesterday into this car? Ok maybe it wouldn’t fit, but the meat here is not the candidate engine but the car itself.


It is said to be a roller of S1A model which was never completed and resting almost since 50 years: the body is made of fiberglass so no rust issue here. Also the chassis is solid and dry, that means that this roller has been stored in an enclosed space for most of its life. Lately these american racecars have been appreciated for what they are: a genuine tentative to recreate the european sports cars of the time: this is a good one.


The roller was designed in order to accomodate, of course, an american V8: the seller says that the builder Harry Whipp had plans to drop a Desoto Hemi and Studebaker 3-speed transmission; so the car is already set up for these components. Another curious item is the fuel tank which actually come from a PT-19 Fairchild, a WWII trainer aircraft. Find it for sale here in Michigan with bidding at $9,000 and reserve not met.

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