Still waiting: 1962 Maserati Tipo 151 “Le mans”


This is not the first time we see this car for sale but at last we decided to publish it as still has some interesting features.


Indeed this car has been put for sale also during the last year, but its asking price is not low so, considering also the amount of money that it will need to be complete, that’s not a challenge for many. The seller says that this car has been probably been built by a man from Norway known as Drogo Korper, but we actually believe that the “Drogo” involved here is Piero drogo, a master coachbuilder based in Modena and owner of Sport Car Modena coachworks, who also built the first specimens of AC Cobra and other masterpieces like the ISO A3/C.


The body is made in aluminium and, even if isn’t exactly the same of the original Maserati Tipo 151, still looks nice and built with care. The car comes with many parts like period seats, a Maserati Mexico 4.2 liters V8 engine and Borrani wheels. This could be an interesting project for the right enthusiast with enough time and, of course, money. Find it for sale at $100,000 (or best offer) here in Grass Valley, CA.

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