Not only white: 1968 Abarth OT 1300


Every italian classic car enthusiast would expect to see a proper Abarth painted in white: clearly 47 years ago the first owner was a different thinker.



This beautiful and rare OT 1300 is said to have had one owner only in 42 years and probably he loved much his car: for sure this has been repainted (no way that the original paint could shine so well after so many years) but we believe that no much more than that has been done.


The car has its original papers and plate, the engine is said to be the original one, included its special pistons made by “Asso” (ok, that’s a name not so seductive if read by english/american people). So the good is that also the engine has been rebuilt. That’s a very rare a special car and, in our humble opinion, priced fairly. Find it for sale at €50,000 (today $52,000) here in Roma, Italy.


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