Pray for gray: 1965 Lancia Flaminia Coupé 3C by Touring


Once again there is not any indication about the build year of this Flaminia Touring, so for us that year is 1965.


It is a car which has been under restoration until someone couldn’t move forward, for health issues or some other blocking reason: the fact is that the car needs some more work to be put on the road again but, whatever such work is, it seems that the effort required here should not be so big.


The good of this car, apart of course from being a Flaminia Touring, is that it has a three carburetors setup over the V6: that is a precious features to be found on these engines. It should be a 2500 c.c. but we are not so knlowledgeable to spot its displacement just from one look. The seller doesn’t say much more than this but for sure, we guess that there are not many cars like this at this asking price floating out there. Find it for sale at €26,900 (today $33,000) here in Vicopisano, Italy.


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