Bargain with hand brake: 1956 VW Bus T1 Kombi


The seller says that this is a rare opportunity to put your hands on a bus like this at a low price: Actually we believe him.


It is a 1956 Bus imported from Germany (of course it is, maybe he means that it was not born for the U.S. market). He also says that it drives good and that it has not big issues apart from the braking system which needs to be redone: now he runs using only the hand brake (!).


It also has the original radio, a secondary heater, new tires and other adds-on. Interiors are very tired but they really seem the original equipment: not the same for the square wood pole which is actually used as rear bumper. It has some metal work to be done for sure but these days finding a running t1 at this price is extremely rare. Find it for sale at $5,000 here in Portland, OR.


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