Southern style: 1936 Cord “American Dreamster”


It’s a rare thing to see, but there are people who are still able to cut and weld metal to build a proper roadster in their garage, like the builder of this car.


The seller says that this car was built from scratch in Alabama three years ago, starting from a 1936 Cord chassis as well as suspensions and other mechanical components. Unfortunately the car is not equipped also with a Cord engine but with a inline-six Ford unit.


We must admit that the work has been carried out with a good taste and that no thinghs on this car has a “forced” look: some details (especially of the interiors) could be improved but the overall shape is properly streamlined with very good proportions. The only thingh which, in our opinion, decreases the look is the (matt!!!) paint color: imagine this car painted in a shining black or dark blue. However, the craftmanship spent here is very good. The builder has also posted a video on YT where you can see the whole building process of the car. Find it for sale here in Presto, PA, with a b.i.n price of $21,500.

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