Bulky face: 1947 Fiat 1100 Barchetta by Frua


Here it comes another basically unknown barchetta from the past: this one, bodied by Frua, is another car based on a Fiat 1100 platform.

ScreenShot010 ScreenShot009

The seller says that this is an original barchetta by Frua and as proof of this he has published a period photo of this car where is clearly visible the same original black plate which is still with the car now. However, we’re not sure that the body is the same.


The problem is that even if the car is not photographed from the front end (so we should trust that the nose is the same designed by Frua coachworks), the car in the old photo seems to have more graceful and soft lines than the actual body has and, most of all, the tail fin is completely different. In our opinion the chassis could even be the original one but the actual body is a just tentative to recreate what should have been an aluminium masterpiece. Apart from these – important – things, the car has a nicely set-up engine and a full interior ready to be installed. Find it for sale at €59,000 (today $73,500) here in the Mille Miglia city: Brescia, Italy.


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