Disused postwar torpedo: 1948 Fiat 500 “Siluro”


Once again here it is another relic of the magnificent and bygone era of hand-crafted italian sports cars. It is called “Siluro” (Torpedo) as usual for this kind of cars.


This is one of the many (most of which lost) cars made by small coachworks (often made by one of two craftsmen) for private parties who wanted to join the countless race events across Italy: of couse such game was expensive and the best way to begin was starting from a cheap but solid platform like the Fiat 500 B or C, aka “Topolino”, and then dressing it with an aluminium skin.


This car shows the typical traits of those years: one and half seats, no doors, open wheels, red paint. The seller doesn’t say what coachworks made it but it is quite useless to know it as he says that he has period photos of the car and the original plates. The car has still its original single taillight and a couple of headlamps hidden behind the front grill. Although the steering wheel and the gear lever grommet are clearly not original, the dashboard has a beautiful tacho with the same design as those used on period Alfa Romeo and Cisitalia. There’s no more to add to describe this beautiful, and somehow moving, piece of automotive history. Find it for sale at €50,000 (today $65,000) here in Castiglione Del Lago, Italy.

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