Banana, chocolate and tomato: 1957 Afa Romeo Giulietta Sprint


Two are the odd things about this ad: the first is that the seller says that this car was originally painted in “banana yellow”, but so far we didn’t know that was a shade used by Bertone. The other thing is that now the car is painted in a dark bronze color outside, while the engine bay is painted in red.


Said so, this car looks like a very good candidate for a total restoration job. It indeed looks complete also with a tunnel shift gearbox wich was an usual conversione back then. The engine is said to have matching numbers (at least what is really important is the engine type) and the bumpers are with the car.


Interiors look very tired but basically original: even there you can easily see the dashboard painted in red. Seats and door panels are correct and the undecarriage photo shows healthy floors. Find it for sale at £23,000 (today $39,000) here in Bath, UK.

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