Tii in disguise: 1975 BMW 520i


Actually we don’t know the e12 series as it never excited us too much, so we didn’t know that the first series 2 liter had the same engine (and gearbox) of the 2002 tii which is famous to be a thoroughbred among its competitors.


This car is however well set up: it has a beautiful color (Fiord blue) and a set of nice Melber wheels which are not easy to find with four holes but are even harder to find in the five bolt pattern. The seller says that such wheels are restored but that the car comes also with the original wheels set.


Interiors are in good shape too: the car features an aftermarket (but period correct) air conditioning, the whole interiors look good as the cloth is not ripped and the dashboard is not cracked nor worn out. A well priced german classic which is worthy way more than the asking price. Find it for sale at €3,800 (today $5,200) here in Como, Italy.


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