Road spirit: 1957 MG A Banshee


The Banshee was the female forest spirit in the irish popular tradition, in this case her name was borrowed by the fiberglass producer who dressed this 1957 MGA chassis.


Many of these cars have been over-used during the years so many of the remaining cars got enormous wheels, V8 powerplants and many incorrect modifications: this car looks at least as genuine as it was built fifty years ago. It has not anymore the original engine but a Volvo B18 engine.


The body lines recall a mix between the Ferrari 250 GTO and the 275 GTB, but the best part of this car, accorsing to us, is the interior: very straight and period correct, although a lot of work is needed to bring them back to the past glory. The seller says that the rear screen is not on the car but he has a spare one which will come with the car. The fiberglass body is not a problem at all to fix and, when restored a painted in a proper color, it will look great. For sure, not a car for tall men. Find it for sale here in Toms River, NJ, with bidding at $2,500 and reserve not met.


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