German Sahara: 1971 BMW 2002


Not the cheapest 2002 “Roundie” on the market, but for sure it seems a car in beautiful conditions.


The color code is 006 (Sahara) and you love it or hate it: a third options simply doesn’t exist. The car looks enough original, with some touches to improve driveability and look: the seats and the 5-speed gearbox come from a BMW 320is. It is equipped with a set of BMW-BBS rims as well. The good is that the car seems rustless and well kept.


The seller says also that the car is equipped with bigger brakes and that the engine has been rebuilt with a mild cam and a weber carburetor: substantially, the owner made it a proper driver to face modern traffic without troubles: indeed he says that you can’t make such modifications on  a stock 2002 for the actual asking price: we believe he’s right. Find it for sale at $17,000 (but he considers serious offers) here in Huntington Beach, CA.

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