Like Jim Clark: 1965 Ford Cortina Lotus


If we must be sincere, we don’t like the Cortina so much under the aesthetic point of view. It has a quite bulky look but no one can say that it hasn’t temper.


Moreover this car, cute or not, “gives its opinion” in every classic cars race it joins, thanks to its lightness and the great twin-cam Lotus engine. As the seller says, Jim Clark used to drive a car like this, and that means something. This particular car is said to be fully restored and we can add that it has been also properly used, as it has the estinguisher switch on the dashboard and race seats.


The Minilite wheels are a must on these cars and even this Cortina doesn’t betray such expectation. Everything is where it’s supposed to be and in good shape so we find that, after having seen at how much these cars are traded nowadays, the price is fair. Find it for sale at €43,000 (today $59,000) here in La Hulpe, Belgium.

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