Italian Shoebox: 1951 Fiat 1400 Convertibile


This car could be the italian equivalent to the ’50-’51 Ford Custom Convertible, also known as “shoebox”. This car was built by Fiat Carrozzerie Speciali, a Fiat division which was involved in building bodies for limited production cars like this one like, later, the 1100 TV Trasformabile.


No many of these cars have been built and even less have survived to the last 60 years. This open Fiat is equipped with a inline-four, pushorod 1400 c.c. engine which is not a powerhouse but, on the other side, is die hard.


This particular car looks semi-preserved: the body benefitted from a new paint (in the original shade) but interiors look original. The seller also says that this car has been sold new in Vila Real, Portugal, where it was a representative of Fiat and that it was used for several years to the last lap at the Circuit de Vila Real. We prefer a contrast between interior and exterior colors but we must admit that this is a very elegant bundle. Find it for sale at €36,500 (today $50,000) here in Vila Meã, Portugal.

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