Barber’s car: 1930 Chevrolet three windows


This 1930 Chevrolet three windows is said to be a barn find from New Mexico: well, there is no better place where to find a car stored for so many years. The seller says that this was a barber’s car which have been stored for 60 years and now it is seeing the light again.


Apart from the signs of the time, the body seems to be in extraordinary conditions without any apparent sign of rust. It’s not common to see an inline-six engine mated to this kind of body: the engine too looks only dust covered but we bet that, after a proper servicing, it could run even after all these years. Curiously, there is a kind of snow chain installed on the spare wheel. The jack and tools are said to be still in the trunk.


Interiors look coherent with the rest of the car: dirty, tired but basically intact. That’s great that no mouse have fed with the upholstery: a usual phenomenon on these kind of barn finds. The seller doesn’t mention where the bonnet is, it would be a shame if that was the only missing part of this car. Find it for sale at $8,000 here in Huntington Beach, CA.

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