French Giugiaro/2: 1969 Simca Bertone 1200 S


France, both for the seller and for the car: differently from the 1200S featured here, this car is not white nor blue, the official color for french racing cars. Indeed this car shows a beautiful Rosso Corsa which mates perfectly with the black front grilles and the black vinyl interiors. This is a model year 1969 (basically the same of the previous year) and it seems in perfect shape. Clearly the car misses the lower stainless steel trims on the driver’s door, but it’s the only flaw that we can spot watching the photos. Not bad the idea of putting a couple of Talbot mirrors on the fenders.


Interiors look very nice and not abused, probably only the fake wood on dashboard has been redone but all the rest, including seats, seems very original.


The seller says that the car shows 490 kms on the clock: over 100,000 or since the engine overhauling? For sure, also the engine seems clean and correct. A potential buyer must inspect the car to spot some traces of rust but boy, this is the cheapest 1200S we’ve seen so far so, don’t ask for more than this. Find it for sale at €11,800 (today $15,500) here in Saint-Junien, France.

6 thoughts on “French Giugiaro/2: 1969 Simca Bertone 1200 S

  1. I’m be honest I’m familiar with Bertone coachbuilding and Fiat department but know very little of Simca, were this road models or are this unique body ones?


  2. Bunnet. There are currently two running 1200S Simca Bertones in the United States and one that could be restored, possibly. There are also four Simca 1000 Bertone coupes in the U.S. They were officially imported. All four are running, two have had nice restorations, one is a survivor recently brought in from the Netherlands, and the other, an original example brought over from France by the original owner and still in his possession.


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