T-shaped: 1933 Fiat 508 “Balilla”


This 1933 “Balilla” has been modified in the past, receiving a strange body which makes it seem like a Ford T. The rear end of the cabin seems cut with an axe bit the outcome, although not “organic” is at least very curious.


The seller says that, unfortunately, no one knows when this modification has been done, and that this car could be a good basis for a 508 Coppa D’Oro replica: we absolutely don’t agree with him: every car has its own story and it would be a crime to rip this car just to make a useless replica.


The engine bay look very original, without any later modifications. The 995 c.c. engine produces 20 h.p. which can push this car up to 80 km/h. The squared front grill is different from every other Balilla grills: the shape seems like the one installed on the Balilla “Camioncino” (light truck). This car is not what we could call “correct” but it has something we love. Find it on auction at Brooklands Museum, UK, with an estimate of £5,000-8,000 (today $6,500-10,000).


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