CEO Van: 1985 VW-Porsche T3 B32 Caravelle

They say it’s good to be the boss. Well, judging by this benefit, built for the CEO of Porsche in 1985, we can agree with the first statement.

We had no idea that there were Volkswagen T3 vans with these characteristics, and we don’t mean restomods, but left the factory with the specifications of a sports car. The seller, a Porsche dealer, says 7 were made and this particular one was built for Peter W. Schutz.

The reason for the van’s conception was because Porsche needed a support vehicle fast enough to keep pace with the Porsche 959 during its Paris to Dakar rally: in this regard this van was equipped with a 911 3.2 engine, and was set up in a workshop near the Stuttgart factory. Of course, the suspension, brakes and wheels are also up to the task. Apart from the paint to be refreshed and the front door panels, this van is ready to be talked about (if you are willing to pay the price). Find it for sale at €364,900 (today $374,000) here in Gelderland, Netherlands.


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