Total white: 1971 Fiat Dino 2400 Spider

Only 420 were produced, but the 2400cc, unlike its smaller sister (2000cc) is actually a Ferrari with a different body and interior.

And the worst thing is that I have always known that these cars would one day have a great value not because I have a particular intuition but because years ago I was asking myself a trivial question: “This car is beautiful, it is spider and equipped with of a V6 that also fitted the Dino, why isn’t it worth that much? “. The reason is obvious: people do not enter the restaurant until they see that it is all busy.

Well, given that this is a car that I can no longer afford, even as a scrap, it is worth highlighting this German “barn find” which, according to the seller, has been standing in a garage since 1997. The interesting thing is that it looks like a car delivered new in Germany and has remained there up to now: it looks correct both inside and out with the exception, perhaps, of the rims painted in the same color as the bodywork. Find it for sale at €154,000 (today $154,000) here in Germany.


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