Motionless: 1938 Ford Superior School Bus

How many buses like this have you seen so far? Few, we believe, indeed, perhaps this is the first: for us it is certainly so.

In fact, even if they try to do some research on the net it is really difficult to find a photo – let’s say current, but also from 70 or more years ago – that portrays a vehicle similar to this in operating conditions. We found photos of vehicles similar to the outcomes such as ambulances, but not photos of a school bus. This could possibly be one of very few circulating examples of buses set up by the Superior Body Company of Lima, OH.

The seller says that this bus has been sitting at least for half a century, that it is incomplete and that it has rust: the photos definitely match the description, however the missing parts seem to us mainly related to the seats, otherwise everything seems to be there. There is certainly a lot of work to be done and the cost of the restoration would probably exceed the market value, yet you never know. Find it for sale here in El Paso, TX, with a b.i.n. price of $9,900.


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