Big twin, small car: 1923 Morgan Anzani Aero

We knew that Morgan was not new to the production of three-wheeled vehicles, however we were not familiar with this particular model which dates back as far as 1923.

Cars that have “little” bodywork tend to age less prematurely as everything that equips these vehicles is attributable to the combination of form and function, and this combination is always winning over time. Here we have a vehicle that is exactly the crossroads between car and motorcycle, and of the latter it has a large 1,446 cc Anzani twin-cylinder engine.

It is a very large engine compared to what it has to push (or pull, in this specific case), in short, for sure this is not a slow vehicle even by today’s standards (and not even silent). The seller says this vehicle comes from a museum collection where it has been on display for the past 15 years, appears to be in very good condition and a video about starting the engine is also available. Find it for sale at €47,500 (today $55,000) here in Netherlands.

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