2 for 1: 1977 Jaguar XJC-12 plus XJ-12

The 70s, for the automotive world, were a very “experimental” period in which the foundations were laid for the future of the car: even Jaguar tried to do its best. Let’s not forget that the Jaguar E-Type has been in production for more than ten years and the MK sedan was now too obsolete to compete with the market, so the XJ was born which had more modern lines but retained the spirit of the British luxury sedan: to this was added the Coupé, one of the most beautiful coupé of the 70s and also quite rare today.

What we see here are a sedan and a coupe. the former could be used as a donor car to restore the coupe which is clearly more valuable (and more beautiful). Unfortunately there are no photos on which to consider the state of the cars so you have to ask or go and see them in person. Find both for sale at $8,000 here in McMinnville, OR.


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