Swedish red: 1970 Volvo 1800E

Generally speaking, the typical characteristics of a car that is defined as a “barn find” are those of a car that has not been used for many years, with a substantially sound body and complete with all its parts. Anything that does not satisfy these conditions is simply scrap.

In this specific case, the car that we have identified falls perfectly within the typical definition. The car has clearly been abandoned for many years (25, according to the seller) as it was already purchased at the time as a project which, evidently, was not followed up.

The vendor also says that although the car’s looks aren’t great, it will run and drove when it’s parked – not that it can make a lot of difference today. In fact, anyone who undertakes this project will certainly not be able to refrain from redoing everything, including the engine. Actually the positives lie in the completeness of the car and the fact that it looks very dry: Some bodywork will be inevitable, however the starting point looks very good. Find it for sale at $11,500 here in Lafayette, CO.


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