Working class: 1948 Fiat 500A “Furgoncino”

It is not new that the “special” edition Fiat 500 A and B are rare, and this is even more true when it comes to cars set up for work.

Many coachbuilders have tried their hand at the construction of bespoke bodies on the frames of these cars that they bought directly from the factory, so we are not able to say which of these coachbuilders (in Turin alone, dozens of body shops were active until the mid-1960s) made this car, too bad!

The seller says that this piece was restored in the late 90’s and we have to admit that, at least from what we see in the photos, the restoration has lived well these past twenty years. Both externally and internally the car looks in excellent condition and we are not surprised: cars like this are usually part of large collections and are driven once a year, at best. Find it for sale at €23,000 (today $28,000) here in Treviso, Italy.


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