Impeccable: 1965 Fiat 1600S Coupé

Some time ago one of our readers pointed out this specimen to us, we were uncertain whether to publish it as the price is missing but in the end we decided that this was a car whose conditions were too good not to publish it.

It is a Fiat Coupé 1600S – type 118b – “four headlights”, produced in less than 300 units: and we have published others but none of those published so far has ever seemed in the condition of the latter which, clearly, subject of a complete restoration and, it seems to us, also done at a high level.

Everything seems to have been taken care of down to the smallest detail: engine compartment, interior, paintwork, chrome; among other things the car has a beautiful combination of colors that we have never seen before: the paint color is typical of the first half of the 60s on Italian cars but this is the first 118b that we see painted in this tone. For the rest, there is little to add: the photos speak for themselves. Find it for sale here in Bergamo, Italy. Thanks to Frank for this tip!


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