Malta knight: 1954 Salmson 2300 S


Salmson is a French company that has been closed for 60 years, however when it was in business it left its mark.


In fact, from its foundation in 1922 to before the Second World War, its cars have won more than 500 races, perhaps thanks also to the experience in the manufacture of aircraft: they were very expensive and refined cars for a certainly not “popular” clientele.


The 2300 s was the last model produced from ’53 to ’57, characterized by a 2328 cc four-cylinder in-line dohc engine, powered by two double-body caburators: all this produced a power of 110 hp which allowed it to stay in the restricted circle of “supercars” of the time. This specimen seems quite complete and correct; certainly the bumpers and some details of the engine compartment are missing, but if the price is not crazy (the seller has not disclosed it) it is worth putting it in your collection. Find it for sale here in Malta.


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