Cabin fever: 1957 Heinkel Kabine 200 Typ 154


The Heinkel Kabine was a microcar designed by Heinkel Flugzeugwerke and built by them from 1956 to 1958. Clearly this car owes a lot to the ISO Isetta.


The 1950s saw a remarkable flowering of Microcars, this is quite obvious because on the one hand there was a growing need for mobility, on the other there were many economic limits in a Europe that was still recovering from the biggest war ever seen.


Heinkel, which had built aircraft until the Second World War, had to convert production and thus was born the Kabine which, in the version of the one presented here, is equipped with an air-cooled 200 cc two-stroke engine, with a power of 10 hp. The specimen we see needs an integral restoration, however it seems quite original and, as far as we can see, it looks almost complete and not very rusty. Find it for sale here in Netherlands, with bidding at €1,000 (today $1,080) and reserve not met.


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