Less than two: 1939 Fiat 508 C Cabriolet by Viotti


It is Italian, it is convertible, it is very rare. Three excellent topics to report this very special Fiat which saw its birth a few months before the storm.


Indeed, to be precise, “rare” is an understatement since, most likely, this is the only car of its kind. Obviously after 80 years and without adequate documentation it is impossible to affirm or deny this thesis, it is certain that very hardly you will see one around like it.


The owner claims that when this bodywork was made by Vittorino Viotti’s atelier, the Fiat 1100 B, called “Musone” (big snout or big face) was not yet on the market but when it was, it borrowed from this car the shape of the front grill. The car has been clearly restored and is painted in a beautiful dark green tone; all the chromed elements of the bodywork seem to be there, the hood is very nice to look at. That’s really a nice specimen. Find it for sale at €87,000 (today $96,000) here in Busto Arsizio, Italy.


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