Red 500: 1958 Berkeley Sport SE 492


We have often seen Berkeley like this for sale, but rarely in Europe and, even more rarely, a car that hasn’t been imported in the last 15 years.


This small roadster was in fact imported at least 50 years ago by its first Italian owner who was supposed to be a true connoisseur: the internet was not there yet and the automotive magazines were much less than now, the fact is that the black plate of this car dates back to 1964 then, at a minimum, this car was imported 55 years ago from the USA.


The car looks basically perfect and the seller says he is equipped with his original two-stroke 500 cc engine (too bad that there are no photos of the engine): the important thing is that it seems that this car has participated in several races during the 50s and 60s, it would be curious to read the documentation about it. Find it for sale at €63,000 (today $69,500) here in Udine, Italy.


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