Big six: 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint


Ten thousand dollars is no longer enough to take home a 2600 Sprint in acceptable conditions, we are now aware of it.


That is, that we have here was in fact the “big sister” of the Alfa Romeo family of the 60s: at the beginning of the decade, in the European market the typical family sedan had a displacement of 1100 cc, this coupe had a more than double displacement: to compare it today an equivalent car would have a displacement of five liters.


At this 2600 Sprint both bumpers are missing, but this is not a big problem as new ones are available on the spare parts market, the seller says the engine was rebuilt eight years ago and that the car is equipped with a new friction and pressure plates, the gas tank was cleaned last year and new fuel lines, new fuel lines and a new electronic ignition. We have no other photos to evaluate the car but it is clear that this is a car that can be serenely used as it is, one day, deciding to bring it back to the original standard. Find it for sale here in Moreland, GA, with bidding at $10,000 and reserve not met.


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