Big aircooled: 1968 Tatra T-3 603


This brand is recognized by most classic car enthusiasts, yet in some ways it still remains a mystery to many.


This also happened because the communist period did not help her maintain the notoriety that she had before the Second World War. These cars have in fact always been equipped with large-displacement air-cooled engines and with a body characterized by an aerodynamic profile – in terms of efficiency – comparable to that of the best current cars.


This particular model (also called T2-603 II) featured four disc brakes, an air-cooled V8 engine with a 2.5-liter displacement, producing 105 hp, and five comfortable seats (in the previous versions there were six , then reduced to five to install seat belts). The seller says only that the car is to be restored but is complete and also equipped with many spare parts. We have no idea what the effort to restore a car like this could be, we believe it would be a fascinating journey. Find it for sale at €12,000 (today $13,300) here in Cassinelle, Italy.


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