Cheaper is harder/5: 1963 Lancia Flaminia GT Convertibile by Touring


In fact it is just like the title says: it is very difficult that you can find another Convertible GT at this asking price.


Above all then, since we speak not of a “normal” version, that is of a 2.5 liters (a carburetor or three carburettors), but of the version with engine 2800 c.c. or the rarer version of the GT Touring, of which only 180 were built: you can easily imagine how few they are today.


The specimen of our article is painted in a classic medium gray (Newmarket Gray?) combined with an interior in parchment leather but unfortunately they are the only things that can be clearly seen: it would take many other photos or at least two related to the engine bay and the trunk: at this point it seems faster to go and see the car in person. Find it for sale at €76,000 (today $84,000) here in Pesaro, Italy.


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