The odd color: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce


We always appreciate anyone who spends money and time to bring a classic car to a new life, but we must also point out things that do not convince us.


All this, all the more so if the car in question is as rare as this Giulia Spider Veloce: do not be fooled by the fact that we have reported two on sale in two weeks: probably of the 1098 produced only a fifth survive, at best.


This specimen is said to have been fully restored and in fact the overall appearance of the car corresponds to what was advertised, but the color of the bodywork immediately catches the eye: it looks like the medium gray used on the Giulia Berlina and GT of the late 60s, certainly it was not a standard color for the Giulia Spider unless this car was ordered with special features. It is true that we are not talking about Porsche, but we absolutely do not like how the front and rear bonnets fit; the “Alfa Romeo” and “1600” badges are missing on the rear bonnet, the photos of the engine bay have not been published: this is it a car that deserves to be shown but that also deserves some further investigation. Find it for sale at €95,000 (today $105,000) here in Oostende, Belgium.


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