Pitch-black: 1972 De Tomaso Pantera


We have seen many De Tomaso Pantera for sale in recent years, but never so black as this one.


The reason is certainly because this is a newly restored car but not enough: black is the most difficult color to apply on a body (ask any coachbuilder) because the black color also highlights the smallest defect and consequently the metal preparation must be very accurate, thus requiring more experience and more time. The seller of this panther is so sure of the result that he has photographed the car in direct sunlight.


Obviously one thing is to look at the photos, the other is to look at the car in person; in any case we really like what we see. The uto has not been restored respecting to the letter the factory specifications, however the interventions performed are not invasive and respect the general appearance of the car: wider and larger rims, aluminum radiators, a 404 hp engine rebuilt with valve covers painted in black, lack of emblems and badges while the interior has a substantially original appearance. Find it for sale at $72,500 here in Orange, CA.


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