Amusement ride: 1960 Autopia


Well, this is not a car in the sense that we all generally mean, but we know very well that true classic car enthusiasts are first and foremost romantics who like objects like this.


This micro car comes indeed from the Disneyland Autopia amusement park, during the ’60s (we suppose the early 60s) and was found in an attic of a barn where it had been lying for forty years, at least that is what the seller claims. It has a thick fiberglass body and initially running thanks to an electric motor, later replaced by a Kohler 4hp petrol engine.


The steering has been transformed so as to make it operational and the rear axle has been fitted with a pinion so that the torque transmitted by the engine can be read through a chain. It would be great to make this car rotting, but we must admit that even as a static object it would not be bad at all. Find it for sale here in Waco, TX, with bidding at $2,200 and reserve not met.


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