Red flea: 1958 Abarth 750 Spyder by Allemano


There are many fans of the small Abarth, especially when they were produced in limited numbers and dressed by coachbuilders like Allemano: the seller says also that this car has been published in the book “Abarth Guide” (1984) by Al Cosentino.


This is one of his creations, based on the humble (but solid and effective) frame of the Fiat 600 but completely covered in aluminum to make it light (about 500 kg) and snappy as these cars were intended for specialized users, generally gentlemen drivers who drove them at the races reserved for standard cars.


The car published here seems to be in good condition, however, it has its shortcomings: the bumpers are missing (very common on these cars as they were removed to parade in the races) and the engine, although belonging to a 850 TC, is not original (this is also very common). For the rest, the car is pretty ready to be enjoyed as is. Find it for sale at €59,900 (today $70,500) here in Elsdorf, Germany.


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