A family affair: 1950 Crosley 18 wheeler


We’ve seen a lot of things in the classic cars world but, as often happens, we still missed something. In this case that’s about this unique Crosley “truck” built for Pinto Air Freight. The best part of the story is that, many years later, the son of Pinto Air Freight founder, Frank, found it in a junk yard in 2009, took it home and restored it.


What’s really nice of this “truck” is  – apart from the truck itself – the idea behind it: this truck had to load and unload aircrafts from the passengers luggages so it was built in order to have the proper “look” and function.


What is really admirable, is the labor of love performed by its owner, Frank, in order to bring it back to the original glory: the “cab” was in bad conditions and it has been ground-up restored, on the other side we’re glad that Frank restored the trailer leaving the original paint: now it’s like a self-propelled piece of modernism.


Of course all the job, plus many period photos, can be seen here: there are too many photos to be posted on Classic Virus but you’ll have fun in watching all the restoration steps.

Another funny thing is realizing how tiny is this truck. The photo below shows the truck beside the same owner’s Volkswagen Thing:


You can’t didn’t expect how small it s unless you compare it with another car.  We would like to thank Frank for submitting it such beautiful story about this very special truck, we wish him a hundred years driving his family truck.


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