White lightning: 1960 Panhard CD


The Panhard CD is a car designed by Charles Deutsch and built by Panhard from 1963 to 1965. It was the road going version of the car that raced he 1962 edition of Le Mans.


Only 179 of these cars were built and indeed that’s a very rare car: its sleek profile was designed in collaboration with the aerodynamicist Lucien Romani: just like many experts of that era, they weren’t aware of the fact that a “Kamm tail” would have been much more aerodynamic.


This particular car has been clearly often raced by its former owner: four Le Mans Classic and two podium are not bad at all. Indeed this is not a powerful car: it is pushed by an aircooled flat twin with a 1000 c.c. displaceent but, at th esame time, it’s extremely light: less than 546 kg (1,203.7 lb). Find it for sale at €100,000 (today $124,000) here in France.


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