Green aluminium: 1952 Siata Daina Trasformabile by Farina



We know this car (chassis #SL0168): it is a rare car in itself, then it has a spectacular color combo so it’s easy to spot it around the world. The first time we saw it in flesh was six years ago, in Italy.


When we saw it back then, the car was already restored (indeed the seller says that it was restored in 2005-2006 by an italian specialist, we know who did it too) and it looked yet beautiful, for sure the car has been barely driven since then so still looks almost perfect uner any point of view.


Indeed the restoration has been properly made, not only on te most visile items but also on the smallest details like the period correct hose clamps in the engine bay. The engine is still the correct Fiat-derived 1400 c.c. unit, along with the Siata head and the double carburetors setup. When we saw it the first time for sale, it was much cheaper than now. Find it for sale at €240,000 (today $286,000) here in Wijnegem, Belgium.

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