Maroon eight: 1968 Maserati Mexico


This Maserati Mexico needs a lot of things, among which the most important is the gearbox which seems missing. At least there isn’t any shift lever on the tunnel.


The good thing, on the other side, is that the engine is still in its place, even though it’s very difficult to understand if that’s a 4.7 or 4.2 litre: as a 1968 car this should be a 4.7 also because of the Borrani wire wheels (a precious optional) but still we can’t be sure of that and the seller says nothing about the displacement.


What’s sure is that the car misses the front bumper, some ancillaries in the engine bay, and, as just said, the gearbox which is maybe with the car, and maybe not. It’s a car which requires of course a total restoration but the good is also that interiors look almost complete. The body doesn’t look too bad but, whoever will begin to restore it, will have a long road ahead. Find it for sale at €35,000 (today $41,300) here in Abano Terme, Italy.

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