Former italian: 1972 Lancia Fuvia 1.3S Coupé


This Lancia Fulvia Coupé is said to have been brought from Italy  to the USA by a Sailor in the US Navy that was stationed in Naples, Italy, 10 plus years ago.


It seems that the car was sleeping since long time before the american owner bought it, after that he owner did a lot of work on it: the Solex carburetors have been rebuilt, along with the brake master booster, plugs, rotor condenser, new shocks and everithing which let this car run good.


The seller says that there is few rust but the car looks quite solid, we believe that there is the usual rust on the lower doors edge and some spots somewere overall it seems a car quite solid and clean. There was an attempt to make it seem a Montecarlo thanks to the matt black hood which should be bought back to the original color, but actually you can’t ask more than that for the asking price. Find it for sale at $9,500 here in La Jolla, CA. Thanks to Anthony for this tip!


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