Barely driven/2: 1984 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Turbodelta


Dry weight of 1035 kgs (2281 lbs), 170 hp, one turbocharger, 341 units made, one color available: these are the numbers belonging to one of the rarest Alfa made between 1983 and 1984.


Of course the engine of his car was the legendary “Bialbero” but fed by an AVIO Alfa Romeo TC2000 turbocharger (often replaced by a KKK unit provided by the factory, because the Avio was not reliable). In order to stop that power, the car had four disc brakes, with the front units equipped by twin calipers.


This particular car is said to be a survivor, barley driven as it has only 38k kilometers and it actually seems untouched: beautiful paint, perfect interiors, all the stickers in place and the original books: the seller says that the turbocharger has been overhauled as well as the other mechanical parts. I’ve ridden in one of these more than twenty years ago, and must say that I still remember that experience. Find it for sale at €34,500 (today $39,500 here in Brescia, Italy.



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